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If you're looking for top-notch siding services in Westchester NY, look no further than our experienced team at Westchester Superior Roofing. We've been helping homeowners and businesses with their siding needs for over 10 years, and we're proud to offer some of the best siding products and services in the area.

We are certified and insured, so you can rest assured that your home is in hands of the very best siding contractor.


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Siding Contractor Westchester County NY: Who we are

Professional Company
We only use the highest quality siding materials, so you can rest assured that your new siding will last for years to come.
Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, so we can help you choose the perfect siding for your home or business.
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We're fully licensed and insured, so you won't have to worry about anything when we're finished with your project.
Customer-First Siding services
We treat every customer like they were our only customers because they are! We offer competitive pricing on all of our services, so you can get the best value for your money.

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Siding Installation & Replacement Service

The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they visit. It’s also one of the most important things to keep in good shape, as it can make or break a potential buyer’s impression. If you have siding installed on your house, you need to be sure that it looks great and lasts for years to come. When you hire our team of siding contractors, we will provide you are guaranteed high-quality service and workmanship. We are your go-to expert siding installers in Westchester county NY.

Types of Siding

Wood siding westchester NY

Wood siding - Cedar

Wood siding is by far the most popular type of siding available today. It comes in many different styles and colors, and it is very durable. The best part about it is that it requires little maintenance. You just need to clean off any dirt buildup from time to time, which is easy to do.
Blue vinyl siding Westchester County

Vinyl siding westchester ny

Vinyl siding is probably the least expensive type of siding available. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many homeowners choose vinyl because it is affordable and easy to install. It doesn’t require much maintenance either, since it only needs to be cleaned off occasionally.


Aluminum siding is another option if you want something that is more modern looking than traditional wood. This type of siding is extremely durable, but it does require some maintenance. You should clean the aluminum every few months to remove any dust buildup.
Stucco siding Westchester NY


Stucco siding is an excellent choice if you live in a humid climate. It is made out of cement and has a smooth finish, making it look like stone. It is also very durable, so you don’t need to worry about replacing it often.
James Hardie siding Westchester NY

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding is one of the most popular siding choices for homeowners across the country. This siding is made from a tough, durable fiber cement material that is designed to withstand the elements. It is also resistant to fire, rot, and insect damage, making it a great choice for homes in areas that are prone to these types of damage. 

James Hardie siding is available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect look for your home.

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Siding Repair Westchester NY

Vinyl siding repair Westchester NY

When you need siding repair service in the Westchester County area, look no further than us. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing our customers with quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. It's this dedication that's made us one of the top siding companies in Westchester County NY. So whether your home needs new siding or just some minor siding repairs, we can help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

If your home is in need of siding repair, it's important to choose a reputable and reliable siding repair service. There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a siding repair service, such as their experience, price, and customer reviews.

An experienced siding repair service will be able to quickly and efficiently fix your damaged siding. They will also be able to advise you on the best way to maintain your siding to prevent future damage. Price is also an important consideration when choosing a siding repair service. You should get quotes from several different services before making a decision. Finally, be sure to read customer reviews of any siding repair service you're considering using. This will give you an idea of the quality of their work and customer service.

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Your Siding Options

Siding is a critical part of your home’s exterior. It protects the interior from the elements, and it adds curb appeal to your house. When you are looking for siding options, there are many different types available. You can choose between vinyl, aluminum, wood, or fiber cement. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Color Options

Your siding is one of the first things people see when they look at your home. It's important to choose a color that you love and that will complement your home's style. When it comes to siding, there are many different color options to choose from.

If you have a traditional home, white or cream-colored siding may be the best option. These colors give your home a classic and timeless look. If you want something a little more unique, try a gray or blue shade. These colors can add interest to your home without being too over-the-top.

Simple color-picking process

  1. The first step to developing a perfect color scheme is selecting the right color palette.

  2. Start with the base color you want to use, such as white, black, brown, cream, etc., and work your way up.

  3. You'll notice that certain colors are easier to pair together than others. If you're not sure what color to choose, consider getting samples of several different colors and seeing how they look on your home. You may be surprised at how much you like a color that you didn't think would work well with your home's style.

Siding style options

There are many siding style options for homeowners in Westchester NY. Some of the most popular styles include vinyl, wood, and metal siding. Each type of siding has its own unique benefits and drawbacks that should be considered when making a decision about which type of siding to install on your home.

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular types of siding for homeowners in Westchester NY. Vinyl siding is low maintenance and can last for many years with proper care. However, vinyl siding can be damaged by high winds and is not as durable as some other types of siding.

Wood siding is a classic choice for many homeowners. It can add natural beauty and character to your home.

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